Industrial Construction Design Consulting

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  Industrial factory design is a category that requires more than the design unit to have professional qualifications and practical capabilities. Know how to identify, analyze and evaluate premises, propose scientific design plans and optimize costs for businesses.

Industrial designs are large-scale, systematic projects that must ensure aesthetics, functionality and safety. If you unfortunately choose unskilled design and construction units, the business may have to suffer the consequences later.

    The company specializes in designing industrial construction projects

        The manufacturing industry, factories and workshops are currently developing very strongly in our country, in order to meet a large number of employment needs for people across the country, and at the same time provide timely needs. consumer consumption and export. Designing industrial construction is often very difficult, because industrial factories often require very high aesthetics, but must still ensure strict technical standards to help achieve high business efficiency. of the investor.


    Currently, there are many industrial construction design consulting companies with different qualities and prices for you to choose from, but finding a reputable company to entrust a large project is also a challenge. not easy job. Because finding a reputable construction company means you have succeeded more than 80% in building your complete factory.

    HUNG NGHIEP PHU has been operating in the field of construction consulting for a long time and has gradually affirmed its position in the construction consulting industry, company legal and legal requirements for construction activities to ensure eligibility for Implementation of Consulting for all types of large and small projects on technical infrastructure and specialized industrial works.

    HUNG NGHIEP PHU Construction Investment Co., Ltd. has been implementing large projects with domestic and foreign investors. Through the projects that have been carried out, the company's technical staff have had the opportunity to learn and receive more modern technology and design software.

    With a team of enthusiastic and experienced technical staff, we are ready to challenge investors in designing and constructing complex and difficult projects to satisfy customers with reputable and quality products. .

    Prepare construction technical design documents, total estimates and detailed estimates for construction items of the project.

    The content of design documents includes:

    General construction site planning, ground leveling design, design of technical infrastructure systems for the entire project construction site, design of main production plants and auxiliary items such as: main gate , side gates, fences, internal roads, yards, trees, lakes, flagpoles,...

    Construction technical design documents, including the following tasks:

    • Construction Architectural Design;
    • Structural Design (from foundation to roof);
    • Design of electrodynamic and lighting systems;
    • Design of internal communication system;
    • Lightning protection system design;
    • Design of fire protection system;
    • Design of rainwater and wastewater supply and drainage systems;
    • Design of ventilation and air conditioning systems.
    • Prepare total cost estimates and detailed project estimates.

    Steps to design an industrial factory

    The industrial factory design consultation process will have to go through two basic steps: basic design and design of technical documents for factory construction.

    1. Basic design.

    Factory facility design includes explanations and basic design drawings

    1.1. Basic design explanation

    Includes the following contents:

    • Briefly introduce the construction location, design plan, total construction area, or construction route plan for linear construction projects; location and scale of construction of project items; The connection between project items and the technical infrastructure of the area outside the factory...
    • Technology plans, technology lines for projects with technology requirements, or GMP requirements for factory design...
    • Architectural plans for projects with architectural requirements such as office buildings and factory security guards
    • Main structural plan, technical system, main technical infrastructure of the factory project
    • Environmental protection, fire prevention and fighting plans according to regulations of industrial parks and industrial clusters when designing factories
    • List of main regulations and standards applied when designing factories.

    1.2. Basic design drawing section


    • General construction site plan drawing or construction route plan drawing for linear construction projects;
    • Technology diagrams, technology line drawings for projects with technology requirements of each factory;
    • Drawings of architectural plans for projects with architectural requirements;
    • Drawing of the main structural plan, technical system, main technical infrastructure of the project, connection to the technical infrastructure of the area

    Industrial factory design is the basic stage to complete long-term production plans

    2. Technical documents for factory construction

    Technical documents for factory construction are detailed drawings, specifying technical parameters, materials used, and structural details according to standards, ensuring sufficient conditions for project implementation.

    Thus, industrial factory design documents will include:

    • Overall site plan of the project
    • Floor plan of technology and accompanying auxiliary works
    • Factory architectural perspective profile
    • Profile of truss frame structure
    • Electrical and water technical records
    • Records of fire prevention and fighting, wastewater treatment
    • Underground water tank profile.

    Each received project has a scientific working process, following specific steps, ensuring maximum time savings and work efficiency for both parties.

    • Step 1: Receive information, conduct a detailed survey
    • Step 2: Design the total area according to the technology diagram and construction permit application documents
    • Step 3: Design the construction perspective
    • Step 4: Deploy electrical, water, technology and related technical structures
    • Step 5: Hand over documents to the investor

    When customers use the full package industrial factory design consulting service, HUNG NGHIEP PHU has a support package to help businesses prepare documents to apply for a factory construction license as required. With solid reputation and expertise, a series of factories with big brands have trusted and entrusted the responsibility of construction design to HUNG NGHIEP PHU, projects spread throughout Vietnam.

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