Construction of Electrical, Gas Pressure, Fire Protection Systems

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HUNG NGHIEP PHU is a construction unit that works and installs industrial electricity, civil works, high-rise buildings, factories, schools, shopping centers... with engineers with a lot of construction experience. large and small projects.

We always ensure the highest safety standards, regular maintenance and warranty of the electrical system for the project, always ensuring compliance with the quality management processes set forth by the state.

    Industrial electricity plays an important and indispensable role in human production and daily activities. The basic tasks of industrial electricity are connecting and installing industrial electrical signal transmission systems, operating microcontroller programming equipment, operating LPC programming equipment, operating and maintaining equipment. Industrial electrical equipment,... The article below from HUNG NGHIEP PHU Construction introduces to you the process of construction and installation of industrial electrical systems and things to know before installing industrial electricity.

    What is industrial electrical system?

    Industrial electricity plays an indispensable role in today's life from production, business and everyone's daily life. Industrial power systems help ensure stable operation of the power source and develop a reasonable, safe, and effective power transmission system to serve industrial production, agriculture, trade and services. and even the people.

    Construction and installation of the most prestigious and professional industrial electrical systems in Vietnam

    What does an industrial electrical system include?

    Understanding the components of the industrial electrical system before installing the system will help us optimize construction time, thereby improving efficiency and reducing installation costs.

    Depending on the characteristics of each factory and each production workshop, the industrial electrical system will have many parts corresponding to different functions and tasks. Can be divided into the following components:


    Medium voltage system supplies main transformer: This is the transformer part that converts electricity from the national power grid to serve production and business. This system aims to stabilize the current, adjust the voltage up and down to the appropriate level. Thanks to that, machinery and equipment in the factory can operate effectively.

    Electrical distribution cabinet system: Is a system installed to manage the circulation of power sources in the factory to ensure the safety of industrial equipment and machinery.

    Industrial equipment electrical cabinet system: Is a control cabinet system to adjust power on and off for industrial electrical equipment. Electrical equipment cabinets often include: Ammeter, Voltmeter, fuse, etc. to ensure the safety of machinery and equipment.

    Industrial equipment system: This is the core part, directly affecting production and business. Industrial electrical equipment systems include: machinery and equipment directly involved in the production process (production line systems, processing, packaging, etc.) and other electrical components (systems that use electricity). lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.).

    What is the role of industrial electrical systems?

    The role of the electrical system in industry is very important in the production and operation of each enterprise's factory. We can list the prominent roles as follows:

    • Replace humans, do things that humans cannot do manually.
    • Technical improvements during use, improving productivity of industrial equipment. Ensure the staff carries out the production process continuously, without interruption.
    • Save labor.
    • Reduce production costs significantly, lower product prices, and improve quality.
    • Bringing modern technology into a more dynamic, mechanical system helps save time.
    • The price is consistent with the product manufacturing process.

    What criteria is required for industrial electrical installation?

    Before constructing and installing industrial electrical systems, we need to fully ensure the following requirements:

    • Handover equipment must meet electrical safety criteria. Avoid losing safety during operation and use
    • The system operates smoothly and effectively. This criterion is evaluated by the system's working capacity. It needs to ensure that it does not affect the production progress of the business
    • Save operating costs: Need to calculate the correct scale and capacity needed. Learn how to properly arrange and use equipment to avoid wasting electricity
    • Meet state standards: Industrial electrical systems used need to ensure standards such as TCVN 7447-5-51: 2010, TCBN 394:2007.

    Thi công lắp đặt máng điện, thang nhôm chứa dây điện 

    Construction and installation process of standard industrial electrical systems.

    In the factory, the electrical system plays a very important role in determining the operation of the entire factory. Install industrial electricity according to the correct process to ensure functionality and safety for factory operations. Below are the steps to construct the electrical system in the factory.

    1. Prepare necessary equipment

    Unlike residential electricity, industrial electricity systems need to prepare specialized equipment, specifically as follows:

    – Conductors: Calculate the quantity and length of 1-phase and 3-phase wires needed to pull electricity into the factory from an external power source.

    – Electrical cabinets: In the factory, many different types of electrical cabinets need to be used, which requires statistics to prepare

    – Transformer: Indispensable in any industrial electrical system using high voltage 380V. This helps stabilize the power supply to the factory.

    – Protection equipment: Aptomat, circuit breaker, relay, to ensure operator safety

    – Signal: In case the factory has an electrical problem, there needs to be a warning light and a bell to sound the warning, ensure safety, and quickly fix the problem.

    2. Survey actual projects, receive information from customers

    What is the industrial electrical system?

    The current industrial electrical system in general includes several main parts such as:

    • Factory electrical cabinets for industrial use
    • Automatic control systems, measuring boiler parameters at thermal power plants
    • Some automation systems such as: Hydrogen production in thermal power plants, raw water treatment in thermal power plants, demineralized water treatment in thermal power plants, wastewater treatment in thermal power plants
    • Oil burner control system
    • Low voltage and medium voltage soft starter
    • Automatic control system for coal supply in thermal power plants
    • Automatic control system for ash and slag discharge

    3. Design electrical system drawings

    Below are some criteria to help you have a standard electrical system construction drawing:

    • Comply with standards on language and symbols used in electrical engineering drawings
    • Safety factors are given top priority during the construction process
    • Meet the plan set out according to the initial commitment with the investor
    • Choose the optimal plan for quick, cost-effective construction

    4. Construction and installation of industrial electricity

    Construction and installation of electrical systems are the most important in the entire process. When constructing, implementing units need to ensure the following factors:

    • Construction in accordance with approved design drawings.
    • Ensure the safety of the system during operation.
    • Commitment to the efficiency of the operation of the devices in the system
    • Easier to repair and maintain industrial electrical systems in the future

    5. Inspection and acceptance

    • After completing construction, it is necessary to run tests on the real system to check the safety level. Check whether the power supply to the device meets the requirements or not. Only then will it be accepted and transferred to the business.
    • Once tested, the system is stable and safe. The construction unit will transfer the electrical system to the owner. Starting the warranty and maintenance phase after installing the industrial electrical system.


    Acceptance of installation of electrical cabinets

    Reputable unit of construction and installation of industrial electrical systems

    Electrical systems in general and industrial electricity in particular play an important role in construction. That's why construction projects of factories, enterprises, houses, and civil electricity and water are separated into separate stages, requiring scientific design in deploying electricity and water routes. This process requires meeting strict standards because even a small mistake at the technical stage can leave complicated and unpredictable consequences.

    HUNG NGHIEP PHU CONSTRUCTION brings together good, experienced engineers, responsible electrical repairmen, enthusiastic about their work, who have worked for many foreign companies as well as large construction companies in Vietnam. . HUNG NGHIPH PH always applies the newest and most modern techniques today to bring efficiency and safety to users, helping you save maximum costs.

    In addition to constructing and installing industrial electrical systems, we also specialize in designing, constructing, installing, repairing and maintaining electrical and water systems to overcome all electrical and water problems and risks for all construction items. from residential homes to offices, apartments, hotels, schools, factories, enterprises, and even industrial electrical and water construction.

    Some of our electrical and water construction services include:

    • Construction of civil electrical systems
    • Construction of electrical system for commercial center
    • Construction of air conditioning systems for clean rooms
    • Construction of ventilation systems for clean rooms
    • Construction of lighting systems for clean rooms
    • Construction of disinfection system for clean rooms
    • Installing electricity and water for homes, apartments, offices, hotels, factories, schools, large and small projects.
    • Construction of industrial electricity and water according to construction drawings.
    • Repairing electrical circuits, floating electricity, sinking electricity, short circuits, power outages, installing new lines.
    • Repair the lighting system or replace electric bulbs and wires.
    • Repair and troubleshoot underground electrical systems and fiber optic cables.
    • Repair water heaters in cases such as: power outage, water not hot, electric leakage, install anti-shock, replace new tank.
    • Accept new installation of small items such as: civil electricity, water and electricity, furniture.

    Customers who need to construct and install industrial electrical systems or other construction items can immediately contact HUNG NGHIEP PHU Construction via hotline 1800 3368 for direct and specific advice.

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