Consulting on Electrical, Pressure, Fire Fighting Systems

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    Consulting on design of mechanical and electrical systems in civil and industrial projects: factories, workshops, apartments, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, etc.

    1. Consulting on light electrical system design

    The light electrical system includes the following items:

    1. Security camera system, alarm, anti-intrusion,...
    2. Internet infrastructure, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,...
    3. Analog or IP intercom system
    4. Announcement sound system, multi-zone sound system,...
    5. Hotel magnetic card locking system,…
    6. Lightweight electrical grounding and lightning protection system
    7. Analog television system and IP TV

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    2. Consulting on the design of Electrical - water supply and drainage systems

    Electrical system includes:

    1. Transformer stations and lines
    2. Reactive power compensation station
    3. Low voltage
    4. Electrical distribution cabinet
    5. Electric cables supply power to floors and rooms
    6. Electrical cables supply power to sockets and lighting
    7. Electric cable paths (cable ladders) and conduits protect electrical wires
    8. Switching equipment, anti-leakage, anti-shock
    9. Power supply for air conditioning and ventilation
    10. Power on the exhaust fan
    11. Switches, lights
    12. Smart electrical equipment

    Water supply and drainage system includes:

    1. Water supply system
    2. Drainage system

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    3. Design consultation for Air conditioning system

    The air conditioning system includes the following items:

    1. 2-piece wall-mounted air conditioner
    2. Ceiling mounted 2-piece air conditioner
    3. VRV central air conditioning
    4. Fan, ventilation, fresh air supply and exhaust system
    5. Air conditioning and ventilation systems for clean rooms, hospitals, and operating rooms

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    4. Design consultation for Fire Protection System

    Fire protection system includes:

    1. Automatic fire alarm system: normal fire alarm and addressable fire alarm
    2. Wall fire suppression system
    3. Automatic fire extinguishing system: Spinkler, drencher, fire diaphragm with water, powder, Foam, gas,...
    4. Gas cylinders and fire extinguishers on site; regulations, orders, etc.


    5.Consulting on design of Lightning protection and grounding systems

    Lightning protection and grounding are two separate systems but are closely related to each other
    The lightning protection system includes: direct lightning protection, horizontal lightning protection, and surge protection
    The grounding system includes: heavy electrical grounding and light electrical grounding, lightning protection grounding,... working grounding.


    6. Design consultation for Solar energy systems

    A solar energy system is a system that converts solar energy in the form of sunlight into other forms of energy to meet the needs of human life. In current practice, solar energy is mainly converted to electricity and heat; Electrical energy serves the need for electricity, thermal energy serves the need for heat

    To consult on the design of solar energy systems, engineers need to have general knowledge about temperature, climate, and regional weather because this system depends greatly on sunlight during the day. in year.

    Next, you need to calculate and choose solar panels if using solar power and heat absorbing tubes if using a solar hot water system, and appropriate equipment and supplies to save on initial investment costs. but still brings high economic efficiency, avoiding wasting money

    7. Design consultation for Smart apartment systems and smart buildings

    In today's life, technology is constantly developing at breakneck speed. Everything is now geared towards automation. For that reason, smart apartments and smart houses are also developing rapidly. Now, everything is controlled with just a touch on the phone screen, or the homeowner's voice. This system helps people's lives become more comfortable and better quality

    To consult the design of this system, the engineer must have knowledge of many fields: electricity, water supply and drainage, air conditioning, fire protection, light electricity, network, telephone, television, camera,... to be able to combine them into a system that can be controlled through a touch on the phone screen, or can be controlled by voice.


    8. Design consultation for Industrial air systems, central air compressors

    Nowadays, the name compressed air system is no longer as strange as before. Compressed air systems are widely used and are almost indispensable in today's industry. Because using compressed air brings significant benefits and convenience in applying pneumatic models.

    A compressed air system is an energy storage system consisting of compressed and purified air serving in the industrial, medical, food, machinery...



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