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Date Submitted: 10/10/2023 10:56 AM

Constructing beautiful, quick and cheap housing requires a long-term, experienced and responsible design and construction unit. HUNG NGHIEP PHU CONSTRUCTION is a leading unit in the field of construction. Hotline: 1800 3368

    Hung Nghiep Phu Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is always a reliable choice for people in housing construction. With enthusiastic consultation, quick procedures and creativity in designs, we will satisfy all customers.

    Survey the current status: Complete the drawings and check the compatibility between the current status and the design to control arising factors that can cause waste and slow down the progress of house completion.

    For residential housing projects such as townhouses, villas or apartments, the investor is also the user, so during the construction process, the construction contractor must not only satisfy the following requirements: requirements of the construction permit drawings but also must adjust the function and aesthetics according to the wishes of the user.

    Therefore, to help the homeowner visualize the space used and types of materials, the construction contractor must spend time working with the investor on design documents, estimate documents and submit material samples. equipment before deploying on site.

    -Construction of 1-storey house:

    - Accepting construction of 2-storey houses:

    -Construction of 3-storey house:

    -Construction of 4-storey house:

    -Construction of 5-storey house:

    Construction contractors should also report work progress to the homeowner so that the homeowner personally supervises and accepts key items, not just asking for supervision consultants, especially on issues related to construction. Topics related to architecture, furniture, equipment. In particular, these are projects built by homeowners to live in, different from projects built for sale or rent.

    Housing construction usually has to be done in a small space, especially townhouses or apartments. Therefore, the construction contractor needs to have a detailed plan on the construction progress as well as the materials gathering schedule to ensure work, but the inventory of materials at the construction site is kept to a minimum.

    Doing this not only ensures space for the construction team, keeps the surrounding environment clean, but also helps the contractor manage the project's cash flow well.

    Townhouses, villas or apartments in urban areas are often next to each other, sometimes sharing walls. Therefore, the construction process from foundation to roof must always have solutions to minimize the impact on neighboring buildings.

    Especially the foundation solutions of the project, must be carefully surveyed and researched to come up with a reasonable foundation solution that does not cause settlement, tilt or cracking for neighboring structures.

    Designing and constructing residential projects, whether townhouses, villas or apartments, although the construction value of the project is not large, Viet Architect Group is always aware that it can be the company's greatest asset. homeowners, so it is necessary to take quality seriously, ensure progress and be safe during construction. It is not only a family home, but it can also be a home for many generations.

    Therefore, right from the beginning of construction, we always try to professionally carry out the preparation work to execution on site so that everything goes smoothly, ensuring the quality of the project and bringing joy and satisfaction. please the homeowner.

    - Accept townhouse construction

    - Accept construction of tube houses

    In addition to a team of skilled technical staff and workers directly at the construction site, HUNG NGHIEP PHU CONSTRUCTION has a department of technical design consulting and project management in the office or in other projects.

    With a project problem related to technique or cost, we are ready to internally exchange and share experiences from architects to structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and project commanders. , construction team leader... to help investors get optimal solutions in terms of performance and construction costs.

    These are the added values that homeowners receive from us every day from the start of construction until acceptance, handover and completion of the project.

    Contact us directly: 1800 3368 - HUNG NGHEP PHU - SUSTAINABLE OVER TIME
    In the Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau areas, we provide reputable construction services with a team of skilled workers, machinery and processes . We always ensure absolute safety and quality.

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