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Colors & Five Elements
There are many types of five elements, so when using the color of the Network to coincide with the color of the Elements, you must consider carefully because "two" elements are a double-edged sword, depending on the network, sometimes good, sometimes bad. For example: Bimetal turns into gas, which is good only for people with unprocessed original metal life like Hai Trung Kim; Sa Trung Kim; Bach Lap Kim. Other Metal networks turn out to be "two metals, two metals", meaning that two metals touching each other can cause damage to each other. So if you don't know for sure, avoid wearing, carrying, or wearing colors that are the same as your Network

Moc network should use navy blue, black, blue purple.
"Two trees become a forest", many trees become a forest, so the Wood network is very suitable for the color green, jewelry like fossil wood. Avoid the situation where Networks that match the same color of the Element give birth to "two woods, two woods" which means they are broken, just like the path of fame and career is cut in half!
Carpentry can overcome Earth, so brown and dark yellow can be used.
Do not use Metal colors such as bright yellow, white and silver, as if the tree was chopped into pieces by a saw, hammer, or ax.

People with the Fire element should use compatible colors, the Wood element is green.
You can use compatible colors like red, pink, or orange, but you must be careful, "membering two fires" means becoming complete, complete, and accomplished. But too much energy can lead to impatience, easily causing stress, hot temper, increased blood flow, pimples, ulcers, and stomach pain. In addition, you should be careful of the Fire element's color combining with the Fire element, causing "two fires, two fires", meaning destruction, failure, and destruction.
You can also use Metal colors like yellow or white because only fire can control and melt Metal into a liquid. Metal colors are very suitable for Fire people who are often stressed.
Do not use black, navy blue, purple-blue (purple leans towards blue, cool purple, is the color of the water element).

Earth people should use red, pink, orange
It is very good to use the color of the Earth element, i.e. dark brown, because "two earths become mountains" i.e., become mountains, helping to strengthen one's position and protect money from loss. But we also have to be careful that the Network combined with the color of the Earth element turns out to be "dual earth, exhausted earth". The earth is dry and the body is exhausted.
Water element colors should be avoided: black, navy blue and blue purple. The most taboo color is green. Trees draw nutrients from the soil to live. Earth people use the color Wood element, which means they are increasingly weak in health, physical strength as well as money and material.

It is best for Kim's life to use dark yellow to brown, jewelry with stones like fossilized wood, dark brown like tiger's eye jade. You can wear white stones like diamonds, silver or bright yellow stones, and flat pearls because they "transform bimetals into energy", that is, they become utensils and tools that help people of the Metal life achieve many useful purposes. benefits, rich people become more wealthy, talented people develop their talents, like a dragon gaining wings. Be careful of the case of "two needles, one needle missing" as in the example above.
Green colors should be avoided because they do not bring any benefits.
Avoid Fire element colors such as red, pink, orange.

The best water color is silver and white.
You can use black, navy blue, or purple-blue because "water river, river" means river, helping people with Water life expand, multiplying many times the good things that person has, both materially and spiritually. . Also depending on the type of "Water" the Network belongs to, you should avoid the situation where the Network and the color of the Element combine to form "two water, dry water" meaning the water is dry, all water is gone, entering a path with no way out, such as playing chess. out of water” to go.
Water can overcome Fire, so red, pink, and orange stones can also be used.
Avoid dark yellow or brown, because soil (dyke) can suppress and block water, the water cannot flow smoothly, everything is stuck (purple leans towards pink red, warm purple, is the color of fire).


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