Foreign industrial investment in Vietnam

Date Submitted: 21/10/2023 03:00 PM

    Are you a business looking to build a factory in Vietnam?

    Are you researching and choosing where your factory will be located?

    You are not clear about the process of applying for investment permission to build a factory?

    Do you want to learn about promising industrial parks in Vietnam?

    You are looking for a reputable construction unit that can help you do all the work. Until your factory goes into operation?

    HUNG NGHIEP PHU Construction Investment Company Limited. with the criteria of always satisfying all customers. Wishing to accompany customers in construction and development in Vietnam. We affirm that we are a unit worthy of being the choice of all customers, placing trust and responsibility in carrying out every step in the process of customers starting to set foot in Vietnam to find a place to live. there to build customer's factory:

    1. Start right from the stage of searching for industrial parks to build that are suitable for the industry in which the customer will produce.

    2. Support customers to buy/lease industrial land.

    3. Support customers in investment registration procedures - business licenses.

    4. And with a team of experienced engineers and architects, we will simulate for customers the model of your factory after it is built, and design the architecture to ensure compliance with current regulations. operated in Vietnam, in accordance with the factory's production needs.

    5. Carry out legal procedures and documents for construction permits.

    6. Build the factory according to international standards, meeting all requirements given by the investor (customer).

    7. Acceptance and handover of the factory project to customers. Support legal procedures and paperwork to complete construction. Ensure your assets when purchasing/renting industrial land in Vietnam to invest in industrial plant projects.


    With the desire to accompany and be your trusted friend. We certainly will not let even a small error slow down your investment process. With professionalism in guiding investment in buying/renting industrial land, quickly resolving legal issues, a team of engineers and architects supervising projects with many years of experience, and a team of skilled workers. . We are committed to the trust of our customers. Accompany customers throughout the investment process.

    Hotline: 1800 3368 - Serving customers with all your heart.




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