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    Approval decision 1/500 latest update

    1. What is the definition of 1/500 planning?

    The 1/500 plan is also known as the 1/500 scale detailed planning map. This map will include information about general planning, regional planning, detailed planning and urban design. In terms of infrastructure, the planning clearly shows the boundaries of construction items and the boundaries between plots of land. The main purpose is to specifically determine the project location, making basic design and construction engineering activities simpler.


    In particular, the scale 1/500 is the ratio between the length of straight lines on the map and the actual length of those straight lines on the ground.


    2. Meaning of 1/500 planning

    Detailed 1/500 planning map to help investors determine traffic orientation and urban infrastructure. The map can identify landmarks in dividing each area, to develop infrastructure in the clearest and most accurate way. In addition, the map is also the basis for determining the investor's project development goals and direction with the planning area.


    This type of planning map is required for projects with a site area of ​​2 hectares, 5 hectares or more. Although the map is the basis for determining planning areas, this is not the basis for carrying out procedures for land allocation and receipt.


    3. Application for approval of 1/500 planning


    The 1/500 scale detailed planning map will include information about general planning, regional planning, detailed planning and urban design. When the investor wants to apply for detailed approval at a rate of 1/500, it needs all relevant documents, thereby creating a basis for approval. Dossier to request a 1/500 planning permit includes:


    1. Application for planning permit;
    2. Location map of the proposed location for planning permit;
    3. Estimated scope, land boundaries, and planned land use criteria;
    4. Estimated investment content, project scale and total investment;
    5. Report on legal entity and financial capacity to implement the project.

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    4. What is the procedure for establishing a 1/500 planning area?

    The 1/500 planning was created based on the 1/2000 planning, in order to be consistent with the development orientation of society. The specific setup sequence is as follows:


    First, the National Assembly will orient the planning area for economic development. The Prime Minister prepares a planning area project to submit to the National Assembly for approval.


    At the same time, if the National Assembly approves the Prime Minister's project, the Provincial People's Committee will prepare a 1/500 plan to submit to the government.


    When the National Assembly has approved the 1/500 planning, the District People's Committee is responsible for preparing the 1/2000 planning to submit to the Provincial People's Committee for approval.


    Finally, when approving the 1/2000 project, the investor or project construction unit will prepare a 1/500 scale planning to submit to the district-level committee for approval.


    5. What are the basic conditions for 1/500 planning?

    For single projects, there will be no need to prepare or go through the approval process of a 1/500 detailed construction plan. However, you need to prepare relevant documents including: Overall design drawings of the site, technical infrastructure, and construction architecture. And of course these documents must match and be consistent with the previously approved 1/2000 scale planning map.


    For concentrated construction projects with a scale of less than 5 hectares (less than 2 hectares for investment projects to build apartment buildings), a detailed planning scale of 1/500 is not required. Instead, these projects must ensure complete records and related factors similar to the case for individual projects.


    For projects with a scale of over 5 hectares and over 2 hectares with apartment buildings, the investor needs to prepare a 1/500 detailed planning based on the approved 1/2000 scale detailed planning. 


    6. Which agency approved the 1/500 decision?

    Below are the agencies with enough authority to approve the 1/500 decision that readers need to know.


    Ministry of Construction: Approve 1/500 planning for projects under the licensing authority of the Prime Minister.


    Provincial People's Committee: Approve 1/500 planning projects under the licensing authority of the Provincial People's Committee.


    District-level People's Committee: Approve planning projects at a scale of 1/500 under the licensing authority of the district-level People's Committee, projects under subdivision planning, detailed construction planning, and rural construction planning.


    After completing the approval procedures, you can freely carry out any planning and construction activities of new urban areas in accordance with the provisions of law.


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